PhD MScEng Paloma Batanero Akerman

PhD MScEng IESE PMD – Hydraulic Modelling – Industry Advisor – Entrepreneur

Dr. Paloma Batanero Akerman, Ph.D. in Hydrology, Civil Engineer, has +20 years of experience in training, implementation and execution of numerical models, water quality, intelligent hydraulic infrastructures, sustainable drainage, 1D and 2D flooding, digital twins and early warning systems.

Mrs. Paloma Batanero Akerman finished her Master in Civil Engineering in 2001 and defended her Doctoral Thesis in 2015, both at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain. Her main research has focused on 2D river flood modeling and hydraulic digital twins. She has worked as a specialist in hydrology and modeling of hydraulic networks in different companies, as an industry consultant and as a freelancer. She directed the first flood monitoring and early warning system in Spain, in Bilbao, and has participated in more than 500 complex hydraulic models, such as drainage and sewage networks, urban and rural flooding, irrigation and urban water supply systems.

He has given nearly 1,200 lecture hours at conferences and training courses on both commercial and free software: HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, InfoWorks ICM, RS (2D River Modeling), CS (Surface Drainage Networks), and WS (Water Supply). ), has published several articles on hydraulic engineering and has collaborated on 5 books.

In 2021 she founds and becomes INAK`s CEO, the first digital platform for engineering services.