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Óscar Gallego Castilla

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César Martín


About Inak

INAK is a water engineering platform for professionals who love their job, have not lost their enthusiasm, covering a niche that is emerging again and for which there are currently no adequate quality standards in the hydraulic sector.

All associates have been carefully selected by the panel of experts and scrupulously follow a reviewed methodology. Their work is always validated by at least one expert in their area of ​​knowledge.

Inak is quality engineering services. From the outsourcing of a modeling and report to present to any Administration to the comprehensive management and project in-house management and supervision for which your company does not have previous experience.

Inak is finding the perfect professional to solve a technical problem.

Inak is the application of the latest technologies and products in any type of engineering modeling and associated elements (data management, connection to databases, review of relevant information…). At Inak we are specialized in hydraulic digital twins, mathematical models and flooding projects. But Inak is also customized platforms for smart networks management, database management and data mining, advising and applying the latest technologies to provide a complete service.

Finally, but above all, at Inak, all related processes for sending documentation, choosing the professional, viewing deadlines, budgets, contracting, deliveries, invoicing and payments are transparent, simple and save time and money for the client and associate.